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Nordica Sales & Rentals Marbella

Nordica Sales & Rentals Marbella was our first client. We were hired to maintain and make any future changes 13 years ago and the site is still running today. Since then we have added plenty of functionality from an elaborate cleaning tracking system to xml feeds that are utilized by several third party systems that are supplied by Nordica’s properties.

Client: Nordica Sales and Rentals Marbella

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  • Comprehensive database of properties, bookings, owners, and customers
  • Several ways to search both rentals and sales
  • Dynamically builds window card pdfs
  • Integrates with several third party application to further market their rental properties
  • Interactive google map to view property location
  • Manage deposits and payments from renters and sends various confirmation and receipt emails
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Sign up for property alerts by entering filters and system emails when new matching properties are added

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