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M & M Tire & Auto

The challenge for M&M Tire and Auto was to take their 100% paper ticketing and time card system and convert it into something digital. The goal was to streamline their workflow and provide detailed analytics for how their business was performing in order to develop long term strategies for growth. The project also required the creation and installation of a local webserver to host the system offline as well as a sales terminal computer that could control a cash drawer.

Client: M & M Tire & Auto

M & M Tire & Auto - Dashboard
M & M Tire & Auto Ticket
M & M Tire & Auto Admin Inventory
M & M Tire & Auto Inventory
M & M Tire & Auto Time Clock
M & M Tire & Auto Receipt


  • Multiple types of tickets: Tire, Automotive, Parts, and Returns
  • Dashboard for quick access to any ticket in any bay
  • Dynamic ticket line items with varied number of options that are all used to calculate the line item's costs
  • Customer database with the ability to browse past tickets for each customer
  • Touchscreen point-of-sale terminal
  • Inventory tracking
  • Time clock for employees
  • Tracks customer wait times and ticket time efficiency
  • Detailed reporting

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